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alignment of time & talent

Time management is the skill that blocks or unlocks all others. Alignment of Time & Talent is built upon the foundational principles of proper prioritization and goal dependency. It extends to include processes for managing control and contribution when allocating time and attention to tasks. Proactive and reactive applications are practiced through an exercise.

the power of your presence

Our presence leaves a legacy that lingers long after we’re gone. The Power of Your Presence is designed to guide professionals through the development of their own personal brand. The session advances to offer processes for managing physical, mental, and emotional presence for brand integrity. Participation can include brand awareness and equity exercises.

leadership agility

We can’t allow our communication capabilities to become conditional. Leadership Agility was developed as a means to maximize the impact of our messages on our team members. The session demonstrates the customization of our communication to the styles and situations of the recipients. Skills like asking questions and listening actively complement the core content.

four forces of influence

Influencing the behavior of others is essential to leading any team or managing any project. Four Forces of Influence provides a portfolio approach to affecting individuals and groups. The session offers four methods of moving people and changing minds. Each of these methods is defined, developed, and delivered so it can be accessed and applied to influence.

transformational change

External conditions cause companies, teams, industries, and individuals to transform their form and function. The impetus for change can also come from the inside through innovation and improvement. Regardless of the source, it is left to leaders and team members to act as change agents by producing new plans and processes while protecting cultural principles.

work your network

Relationships prepare, promote, support, and fulfill us. Modern professional networks offer new methods and mediums for connecting with each other. Work Your Network provides a blueprint for building a web of reciprocal relationships. The session explores a system for organizing a robust network of internal and external, vertical and horizontal, practical and aspirational connections.

the science of storytelling

Presenting information and implication with impact is a science that anyone can master. The Science of Storytelling is a blueprint for the preparation and performance of a business presentation. The session walks through how to structure, script, produce, prepare, and present. An experiential learning exercise will accompany each step of a storytelling process.

skills equity

One of the few undeniable truths in business is that individual growth gets institutional gain. Skills Equity includes detailed processes for acknowledging, assessing, and advancing an individual’s essential skills. The session can customize to leaders committed to developing their team members or individual contributors who are invested in growing their own skill set.

growing a culture

Socialization is the integration of individuals into a functioning group. It occurs every time someone new enters an established team, office, plant, or project. Growing a Culture was created to help leaders and their teams cultivate a set of dynamic values that promote diversity and demand production. The session serves as a manual for making a micro culture.

finding the right fit

A candidate's fit is a function of capabilities and characteristics. Fit predicts a readiness to succeed. Does their experience fit? Do their skills fit? Does their education fit? But fit also predicts a readiness to sustain. Can they fit in the culture? Will they be a fit with the people? Finding the Right Fit positions you to predict the performance of that person in front of you.

matrix motivation

This session features perspectives on creating a Motivation Matrix and maintaining the most effective mix of motivation methods within a team or group. Processes include the creation of a matrix using six sources of motivation to be made consistently and creatively available. Included are the blueprints for building an environment which elevates team commitment.

the engagement hierarchy

The Engagement Hierarchy is our fundamental teaching on employee engagement. It offers a deeply conceptual understanding of the topic and then moves into strategies and tactics for strengthening engagement in any environment. The system resulted from research showing that a reciprocal commitment among employer and employee is required for elite performance. Fit positions you to predict the performance of that person in front of you.

internal entrepreneur

Those owning an entrepreneurial mindset bind the often opposing elements of creativity and calculation. Internal Entrepreneur introduces that mentality to those inside an existing organization. The session offers a path to an entrepreneurial perspective that anyone can employ to solve old problems and create new processes in current roles and responsibilities.

collaborative coaching

Coaching is the apex application of leadership communication. It requires the highest level of skill and precision because it is inherently corrective while also intensely collaborative. Collaborative Coaching teaches the four step process that accounts for the difficulties facing those leaders coaching for improvement and those finding themselves needing the coaching.

performance readiness

This session explains the virtues of L&D. This is training, development, and advancement for the purpose of improving a person’s performance in their position. This session explores how L&D is the most powerful force behind a “skill x will” equation. The three pillars of development are discussed, plus four categories for developing. This session is all about improving your people’s skill, which increases results, which provides professional fulfillment.

presentation preparation

This session provides a 10-step process for presentation preparation. Conducting presentations and meetings is a skill used daily by leaders of all stages in their careers. The way in which a presentation and meeting is held is a direct representation of that leader. This presentation process and its application provides powerful and purposeful presentations.

additional topics

This list is additional leadership topics our team can provide. These are their own list, as they can be standalone or integrated into one of the topics described previously in this catalog. Please contact Lexi for more information or for video samples of these.

  • Compensation Composition

  • Asking Empathetic Questions

  • Seven Lessons in Listening

  • Negotiating Techniques

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Corporate Communication

  • Relationship Requirements

  • Creating Creativity

  • Successful Socialization

  • Generational Leadership

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