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leadership agility

Our messages are missing the mark. Our coaching, training, and motivating messages are only being partially received. We know this because partial reception is leading to partial results. The performance of our people is inconsistent. The commitment of our colleagues is inconsistent. Our communication isn't getting to their core because our messages and methods aren't personalized. We deliver information only in our own dialect. We don't speak the language of the learner. Modern leaders must be aware and agile. We become internally aware by understanding our own natural communication style. We learn to be externally aware by embracing the differing preferences of those we lead and coach. Then we're prepared to practice proactive and reactive leadership agility so that our most instructional, insightful, and inspirational messages can be instinctively interpreted. Becoming an agile leader will broaden your influence and deepen your impact. 

matrix motivation

Motivation is leadership's most enigmatic subject. It's mysterious because there is no equation that always equals an answer and no process that always provides results. Every situation is different, every team is different, every person is different. Motivation requires care; art and science. Matrix Motivation delivers philosophy and function that will improve the audience's ability to fuel employees, colleagues, and constituents. Four sources of modern motivation are taught through instruction and illustration. Application of the four sources is made easy through exposure to common examples and discussion of relevant scenarios. We can improve the performance of current teams and individuals by merely knowing where, when, and how to support them.

managing millennials

It seems that no topic today succeeds at raising interests and simultaneously fails at reaching expectations quite like "Millennials". An online search of this topic will provide you with a limitless parade of anecdotes and cute quotes that will do nothing to help you address issues in recruiting and retaining the Millennial generation. Our approach is to guide managers in how to best integrate, motivate, and evaluate an age group with unique perspectives on work environment, professional communication, and performance expectations. The difference is that our teaching is rooted in research:  thousands of surveys and interviews of Millennial students and professionals on a national scale. Combine that with thousands of surveys of managers of Millennials and you have actual insight on an important subject.

finding the right fit

Do you have a functioning culture? Almost everyone has a culture, but is your culture truly propelling you toward a purpose? Is it focused? Can you find it? Can you feel it? What are you doing to foster it? Finding The Right Fit is a customizable program that stresses the importance of a functioning culture. So much of the current work being done on culture is all about fun, but fun can't be the focus when we're in a fight for share, a fight for profit, and a fight for growth. Our approach is to use the concept of "fit" to guide leaders through how to create and cultivate a winning environment through recruiting, socialization, engagement, and evaluation. The program features "The Fitness Test" as an ongoing mechanism for calibrating a team's culture.

successful socialization

Socialization is the integration of individuals into a functioning group. And it has more influence on a team's performance than talent or tactics. Socialization is occurring right now on every team and in every territory, in every plant and on every project, in every office and throughout the entire organization. Successful Socialization is connective and focuses the team and allows it to function. Everyone Adopts an Institutional Identity and Adapts to Individual Identities. Performance is prioritized and we all connect to a common cause. Unsuccessful Socialization is divisive and distracts and causes dysfunction. The group coalesces around trivial traits and becomes tribal. Individuals are marginalized and innovation is minimized. Let us help you avoid the stagnation that stalls growth by taking you through the steps to Successful Socialization.

championship coaching

All of us have been inspired, influenced, or impacted by a special coach, leader, teacher, or mentor. We reached a higher plane of performance because of a relationship built on trust, support, challenge, or common purpose. How do we pass on that feeling to those we are responsible for fueling? Can it be replicated? Can we be the same coach to others that made us who we are? Yes, you can. But you need more than just your personal experience. You need the experience of hundreds of championship coaches. Championship Coaching is a program built using hundreds of personal interviews with championship high school, college, and pro coaches from every imaginable sport. The program features an assessment of personal coaching styles, a 4-step coaching process, and video examples from athletic and business leaders.

the four leadership styles

What is your leadership style? Are you a coach? Do you lead by example? Inspirational? Challenging? We know that leading a team of any size or complexity requires all of those and more. Great leaders don't have just one style; they have a portfolio of styles that can be selected based upon the purpose, people, or problems being faced. But creating and utilizing that portfolio is easier claimed than accomplished. It requires an acute awareness of your natural approach and perspective, combined with a personal path from who you are to who you need to become in any given situation. There are 4 Leadership Styles, any of which can be acquired and applied by anyone.

creating a culture of community

What are the internal effects on a culture that come from external efforts in the community? More than you probably think. While there is little doubt that collective contribution to the outside community can enhance the culture of the community inside your organization, charitable activity alone is insufficient; and can even be counterproductive. Creating a culture of community requires a purpose and a process that fits those helping as much as it fits those being helped. Our approach to organizational community activity features a 5 point checklist for productively improving internal and external community relationships.

hybrid leadership

Are you a manager with sales responsibilities? Are you a sales professional with management responsibilities? Many of us are one of those things. Most of us are both, depending on the day of the week or hour of the day. The popularity of Hybrid Leadership has grown from the phenomenon of tapping leaders in sales for sales leadership roles. But our organizations can't afford to lose our sales when they put us in charge of sales, so we are forced into a personal tug-of-war. Our approach to Hybrid Leadership helps those leaders who are also producers find the best balance. This is done by accentuating the skills shared by great salespeople and great leaders to create efficiencies among the two roles.

six sources of collaborative leadership

Do you have to be present to have a presence?  Leaders of all types in all industries struggle with the sustaining of their principles when they are not in person. We know that modern teams won't buy in unless they're all in. Authoritarian styles are antiquated and result only in the destruction of morale and disintegration of culture. Modern managers are utilizing Collaborative Leadership to broaden and deepen their impact on performance. We've identified Six Sources of Collaborative Leadership that can be used with any team that must work together for collective success. The Six Sources are actionable methods to create consistent function in the recruiting, relating, and results generation of the modern team.

young leader series

The future leaders of our organizations are all too often ill-equipped for the challenges they will soon face. The Young Leader Series is a customizable program that includes 3 sessions to support the development of those who may be new to a leadership position or entering an elevated career phase.  The first session, Finding Your Purpose, focuses on seeking an individual mission, identity, and approach. The second session, Building Your Credibility, provides guidance on developing relationships, influencing others, and using resources. The final session of the series, Establishing Your System, promotes the replication of successful strategies and the importance of ongoing professional development. 

the next generation of training

Training is one of the only functions in an organization that can consistently increase performance and decrease turnover. This is why so many industry leaders are doubling down on L&D. Through working with hundreds of trainers, professors, instructors, and coaches, we've been able to study the methods and mechanisms of some of the best developers of talent in the world. We've used these findings to modernize the design and delivery of onboarding and ongoing sales training. Our approach is to engineer training events and regimens for our clients that are deployable within their financial and human resource capabilities, measurable in impact on the sales organization, and enjoyable for participants.

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