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sales agility

Matrix Motivation
Our capabilities cannot be conditional. In June we explored how to be more agile in our sales communication.  
Proactive Agility encourages us to personalize our communication in advance when we already know our audience. Reactive Agility does not afford the luxury of preparation and requires us to adjust upon meeting someone for the first time.
Sales at its highest level is a form of teaching. The best teachers know how to speak the language of the learner.

Sales Agility:

Broken down into two distinct components, Sales Agility, is comprised of Practive & Reactive Agility.

Below we examine these disciplines in greater depth.

Proactive Agility:


As we build relationsips so do we build a reservoir of information on how our customers prefer to do business.

Reactive Agility:


First impressions can propel a relationship forward or put an immediate stop to its progression.

Reward Motivation
Leader Motivation

We can use past experiences to personalize the format, pace, language, and medium of our proposal. Our proposition must be personalized to feature influential examples, powerful statistics, or emotional outcomes. Our questions, responses, and approach to negotiations can be more specifically planned in advance of interactions.

By asking open questions, listening for communication cues, reading nonverbals, and mirroring language we can customize our communication in the moment. It is important to understand that consistently practicing proactive agility prepares you for sharp reactive agility skills.

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